An open table for your balcony and the big change ahead
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An open table for your balcony and the big change ahead

.An open table makes your experience more functional and easier

.The table needs to fit your needs in both closed and open dimensions

.A balcony is usually a space surrounded by exterior walls or railing

.Unlike penthouses or single-family houses, a townhouse has limited balcony space and that is going to be the focus of this article

In the last few years, we are witnesses a growing trend of couples that their children leaving the nest and they are getting closer to their golden age leaving their big single-family houses and moving to small apartments

If we can guess the reason will be the hard maintenance of a big house, and yet most couples have a hard time leaving the open doors and close to nature and fresh air. moving isn't an easy thing like all changes it forces us to adapt to the new reality. this article is all about open tables for your balcony because we think the most important thing is to have the ability to host all our be-loving, so we gathered a few tricks that can make the change a bit easier for you.


so for you to recreate the old filling of the outdoors and the green look you can use small pots and fruit trees that should create colure full look to your new balcony. the vegetation has another big advantage its ability to observe toxic air and transform it to clean and fresh air it also will help create natural shade. all that together will play a big part in the atmosphere of your new balcony

THE MOST IMPORTANT – the open table

the biggest concern for most people is how to host all their loved ones. the solution is in the table, open tables have the amazing ability to be extremely functional in the day-to-day time and to extend in happy times when family comes to visit and you want everybody to have room and space to fill welcome as they are

Now we can talk dimensions,

on the average balcony, one of the best options is to have a 70 cm wide table as it can extend to 200 cm ish and can host up to 10 people.

always remember an average chair need to have 60 cm of space so the one seating on it will fill comfortable.

If you have a bit bigger balcony another good option for you is to have a 90 cm wide table this size table will usually come on 140 cm long in the small position and can extend over to 280 cm and can fit over 12 people.

with this kind of open table, you will be able to host big events in comfort and enjoy a large space on your balcony when it's only just the two of you.

this change you are about to do is only reasonable and smart and with a help of professionals and a few small tricks you can disgen your balcony wise and efficiently with a help of a few accessories and colors you can get almost the same feeling you use to

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